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Welcome to the Freetimers SEO & Web Marketing Blog!  This blog is entirely devoted to that beast of a subject, Internet Marketing.  If you know us, you will also know that our SEO work is amongst the best anywhere, so we hope you will enjoy this blog and that you find it of some use.  Freetimers also has another Blog dedicated to website design, development and programming, so if you are interested in those subjects, you can use the link above to go to the other blog.

In the meantime, happy SEO!

Greg Poulson, Managing Director, Freetimers Internet

Building your Brand on Social Media Networks


Many businesses will aim to communicate with their customers on a daily basis through various social media accounts, but the content shared must be carefully considered if you’re looking to build your brand and relationships with customers.

Conversing with customers and potential customers is an effective form of communication and social media is about being social and building relationships with different individuals, rather than just sending out snippets of old website content that customers may have already come across before.

To build a trusted brand, it’s important to think about who your audience is and what they would be interested in before you make a decision on content you publish. They then may feel the need to return to your social media page for the valuable content and maintain a relationship with your brand. Your audience is not necessarily going to be the same on all of your social media accounts, and content on Facebook may need to be slightly different from the content you post on Linked In or Twitter.

Too much repetition on social media accounts or lack of engagement can discourage your ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ from revisiting your social media page, meaning it can be beneficial to not become too predictable with the type of content you publish.

Updating your social media accounts with fresh, engaging content is a good way to build your brand, and conversing with your audience on all of your social media accounts helps to build relationships. It also shows your audience that there is a human at the other end who can respond to their questions and comments, which ultimately improves trust.


Behavioural Retargeting to Recover Lost Customers


Occasionally there will be some website visitors who slip away; not having purchased any products or services, and behavioural retargeting can be used to potentially persuade them in a second attempt.

It’s a method that can help businesses advertise relevant products to previous website visitors on popular websites such as Google, Facebook and others; perhaps showing your previous visitors the products they viewed or added to their shopping cart basket before they abandoned it.  This method essentially sees a business reach out to previous website visitors, advertising to them once more in a bid to increase sales and maximise return on investment (ROI).

For example, an ecommerce website may have a visitor that viewed a selection of products on their website, and then left the page. Later that same individual may log in to their Facebook account to check out their news feed, and this is one of the areas where your advert can appear; showing them the products they viewed at on your website, potentially increasing conversions, sales and ROI.

Behavioural retargeting doesn’t merely apply to your own lost website visitors, and businesses can capitalise on customers searching for related products on other websites, perhaps your competitor’s websites. If a potential customer has been searching for a product that your business sells without being able to find your website or your product, then a retargeting advert can be created to show them your products, perhaps meaning you’re kept at the top of their mind for future purchases, while the advert itself will redirect them to your product page.

Google is another popular site that can be used to recover lost customers and it’s a search engine that is often used to find relevant products and services. Google use the term ‘remarketing’ and is links with an AdWords campaign, allowing businesses to present their products to customers. There is also the opportunity for combining targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics or keyword campaigns, which can help to retarget with precision, possibly increasing a business’s chances of converting the individual into a customer.

Freetimers Web Marketing has created tailor-made behavioural retargeting strategies for our clients, helping them recover lost customers, reach out to new customers and essentially keep their business at the top of mind for a particular product or service.

Improving your Business’s Digital Engagement


Digital engagement essentially involves using digital tools and techniques to find, listen and communicate with various individuals abut a certain issue, and it can help make more people aware of your brand.

It can be relatively easy for an individual to ignore a company if they’re using forceful sales jargon, however, there are other ways for businesses to communicate their message, perhaps more naturally and effectively.

Millions of online conversations occur constantly, about various topics, and they’re engaging on a human level. Therefore, by getting your business involved in relevant online discussions and sparking your own conversations, you can begin to improve your digital engagement and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Every individual has different interests, needs and different ways of communicating, which can make digitital engagement a difficult, yet essential marketing method. One individual may engage better using their social media pages, where they are happy to display their areas of interest. Another person may then only make themselves available for interaction through direct emails, which is why it’s important to determine a profile of your audience. This can then potentially help your brand interact with individuals who are likely to have an interest or an opinion on your business, and by narrowing the search, you can then decide on the channels that you feel are going to be more effective in terms of interacting with your target audience.

It can take time to sell products to a certain individual, and it’s important to use digital engagement to build relationships on a human level, gaining trust by differentiating your brand, especially from those using outdated and ignored advertising techniques.

Freetimers can help companies build connections with their ideal audience using appropriate content and the most suitable marketing channels. Creating a digital engagement strategy can see your brand become more recognisable by people who are related to, and interested in your business area, while connections can ensure customers want to come back to you. They may then choose to spread the word about your business, creating new relationships naturally and personally.




Improving a Content Marketing Strategy to Create New Leads

Content marketing can apply to images and videos as well as written content, and presenting your audience with various types of content can be beneficial for a business and their sales.

Written content may appeal to a range of customers and work effectively, yet there may be other individuals who engage more with images and videos.

Pinterest and Instagram show just how beneficial images can be to reaching your audience and they are both capable of persuading customers to enquire about their products or services, especially when striking images related to a business and its products are posted.

If a website is largely image-driven, then the content on that site can be shared easily on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as additional social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By sharing content on a range of social media platforms, a business can reach a wider audience, and perhaps gain loyal followers in the process.

Another popular social media network that is often used to share content is YouTube, and videos on YouTube can be accessed with ease on a wide range of devices, and then shared on your website as well as your additional social media pages.

Visual content alongside written content can help a business fully engage with its visitors, and Freetimers Web Marketing has helped many of our clients reach their intended audience with relevant and effective content marketing.         

Content Marketing to Spread the Word about your Business and its Products

Content can help a business attract their target audience and it can help companies build relationships with its customers, especially if it is delivered on a regular basis.

Online content comes in various styles; it can be a social media post, an email newsletter, a website news item or a video among other forms, and regular content marketing can help a business spread the word about their products and services.

Before publishing content on a regular basis it should be understood that not every person is going to be interested in it, which is why it should only be aimed towards the audience you intend to reach.  Content marketing should always be seen as a commitment; especially if you want to see your customers return regularly.

If a returning customer continued to revisit your website, social media page or blog without finding anything new, unique, engaging or relevant, they may be unlikely to return again, perhaps turning instead to your competitors, and it’s important to make sure that all of your content marketing channels remain fresh and active.

People will read, watch or listen to your content if it is in their interest, and you have to be able to offer customers something that is engaging and relevant to their needs. Freetimers can provide content marketing that defines your business’s voice and brand, and potentially gets people talking about your business.

Our Web Marketing team can create a content marketing strategy that is tailored to your customer’s needs and designed to improve visitor rates, enquiries, conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI). To find out more get in touch with Freetimers Web Marketing today on 01604-628429.



Showcasing your Business using LinkedIn

It’s not always possible to provide an effective overview of a business on one dedicated page, and that’s why LinkedIn has created showcase pages; allowing companies to create a separate page for various aspects of their business.

Some organisations will contain a selection of different teams or departments, and it can be beneficial for these teams to display their own messages, to their own audiences. Showcase pages are extensions of your LinkedIn company page, while there is a maximum of 10 free showcase pages for each business, making them ideal if you have numerous differentiating departments within your business.

Showcase pages are built to be more focused than company pages, mainly because they take a step away from the business as a whole, and focus only on one business department or section.

LinkedIn aims to help various businesses build ‘trusting relationships’ and by showcasing your business through unique pages, you’re able to share more information about your business, and potentially reach a targeted audience.

Freetimers has helped a range of our clients set up and manage LinkedIn accounts, and we can help your business share more relevant information, and give each business department or division a platform for their unique voice, potentially reaching targeted audiences and building significant business relationships.

For more information on LinkedIn or our range of social media marketing services, call Freetimers Web Marketing today on 01604-628429.


Improving Audience Engagement using Pinterest

Many people are perhaps aware of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, yet there are many other social media networks that are well worth considering if you want to fully engage with your target audience, and Pinterest is one of them.

Pinterest is a social media network that’s well suited to imagery, so if your business’s website has visually appealing images, the probability is that your ‘pins’ will get ‘re-pinned’ (liked and shared) more frequently; helping your business reach a different audience.

Pinterest is useful tool for showcasing your products and your website content, whilst potentially directing Pinterest users to your website, and converting them into customers. If your website frequently publishes images; perhaps in blog posts, product pages or in news items, then Pinterest can be used to pin that content to a relevant board (fronted by the image in your website’s content), possibly reaching an audience that wouldn’t have been exposed to using other or existing social media marketing channels.

Freetimers Web Marketing can help make sure your business is using suitable social media pages correctly to engage with your audience, and Pinterest may be an ideal social media network for your business.

Our team has set-up and managed a range of social media campaigns for our clients to improve their online exposure and potentially improve enquiries, conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI). To find out more about our range of social media services, call Freetimers today on 01604-628429.


Social Media Marketing to Reach a Mobile Audience

Mobile phones can essentially be recognised as social media’s favoured device; people can now communicate and share their news or information whilst they’re on the move, and business should aim to take advantage of this facility, especially if they want to reach a larger audience.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram all have their own smartphone apps, and your content can be accessed quickly, especially if a mobile audience is considered in your social media marketing strategy, and ideally it should be.

When a business sends out a tweet, a Facebook status or perhaps releases a corporate video on YouTube, they’re essentially reaching an audience across a range of devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets and eBook readers. Links to external websites from your social media accounts should be carefully considered, and if you aim to draw your audience’s attention to a specific website, it should preferably contain mobile optimised content, therefore being accessible on a range of devices.

Smartphones offer convenience to social media users, and they’re essentially the most used device for sharing content, which is why it’s essential to make sure your business’s social media content is optimised for mobile phones, and Freetimers Web Marketing can help you achieve this.

Having watched social media websites evolve over time, our team know just how important they can be to a business, and our tailored social media marketing strategies can potentially help our clients improve visitor rates, enquiries, conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI).

To find out more about our range of social media marketing methods or to speak to our team about your business’s online potential, get in touch with Freetimers today on 01604-628429.

Using a Range of PPC Channels for Increased Sales

Pay per Click Marketing (PPC) can be one of the most effective online marketing methods, especially if a campaign is set up and managed appropriately.

Today there are a range of PPC providers, including: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Foursquare Ads. This does not necessarily mean you have to choose one pay per click provider, you could use various platforms to form part of a successful pay per click campaign.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are both search engine pay per click providers. They allow you to bid on search phrases that are relevant to your business, and if your bid is deemed high enough, you will pay that fee each time a potential customer clicks on your advert.

Facebook Ads can help you reach your target audience by specifying their location, age, gender and interests. You can then create an advertisement that is targeted to the customer you want your advertisement to attract. LinkedIn Ads is another popular social media PPC provider, and it also benefits from targeting options, including: seniority, company, job title, job function, school, skills group, gender, age and network. LinkedIn Ads aims to use its ‘precision targeting’ to help businesses reach a largely professional user base.

Foursquare Ads is quite different, it focuses on local businesses, and it will show adverts nearby to individuals who are out searching for a shop or a place to visit next, perhaps on their smartphone or tablet. Foursquare can then potentially help local businesses attract more visitors into their stores.

Using a variety of PPC providers can help businesses reach a wider audience, and Freetimers has been helping a range of businesses from different industries set up and manage successful PPC campaigns. We are currently offering a Google AdWords voucher for new clients, allowing them to turn £25 of AdWords credit into £100. To find out more about our PPC services or our range of additional web marketing methods, get in touch with Freetimers Web Marketing today on 0800 4584260.


Understanding the role of a Digital Agency

Today more and more businesses require a digital agency to help their business fulfil its online potential and increase enquiries, conversions and sales.

Digital marketing agencies aim to make sure their clients websites are performing, because the fact is there is no point in having a good-looking website if potential customers are unable to find it. Today there are numerous marketing possibilities available to promote and sell your products and services, and by incorporating the right mix of marketing methods, a digital agency can create an effective web marketing strategy tailored for a business’s requirements.

More and more people are searching for businesses, products and services through search engines, meaning search engine optimisation (SEO) is likely to be an essential part of a marketing strategy because it can help make sure your website is found easier in search engines. Freetimers has been providing SEO and other digital marketing services since 1997, including: pay per click campaigns (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing and content marketing.

PPC campaigns can help clients increase web traffic with targeted advertisements on popular search engines and social media platforms, with advertisements redirecting potential customers to the business’s website when they click the advert, potentially converting them into customers, and increasing visitor rates, enquiries, conversions, sales, and return on investment (ROI).

Many businesses are still adjusting to SMM, and by having an experienced digital agency like Freetimers, your business can perform on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to engage with your customers and maintain strong relationships. Email Campaigns can also play a similar role in a digital marketing strategy whilst they can be utilised to reach out to new customers and show previous customers just how much you appreciate them.

Freetimers also have in-house copywriters available to produce fresh website content that engages with your target audience, potentially increasing visitor rates, enquiries, sales, conversions and return on investment (ROI). For more information on our range of digital marketing methods, get in touch with Freetimers Web Marketing today on 0800 4584260.

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