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Another of our success stories, the (GDO) ecommerce website is surging ahead with record visit and page view rates in January 2012, as well as with its Google organic search rankings. Visit rates look to top 52,000, with over 400,000 page views (a 7.7:1 ratio) and 2.7 million hits.  Freetimers works its SEO and web marketing on a continuous improvement basis with this client, and not only does it have the most sophisticated ecommerce site in its field, it also has a huge admin system that is best in its class and offers our client unrivaled functionality to manage their business.  Our continuous improvement has also worked a treat with the visits up 117% and page view stats 146% increased over this time last year,  even in the current economic climate.

The site currently achieves top 5 rankings for its products in just about every location in the uk (for some 30,000 search phrases), in addition to having some 80% of its more generic search phrases ranking in the top 10, in a hugely competitive and cut-throat market.  The site is one of 10 for this client, and the other major sites are all improving to similar extents.

If these are the sorts of results you need from your SEO or Web Marketing, then you should be speaking to us (as long as you are not a competitor to GDO!).